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QuickBooks for Retail

Quickbooks for RetailRetail's greatest Challenges are the monthly drain to cover overhead, the large investment to maintain fresh inventory, developing effective marketing strategies to attract and keep a strong customer base, implementing loss prevention strategies, and maintaining accurate payroll and sales tax records.

In this powerful 1-day seminar learn the financial management skills to meet the challenges of the retail world, including; decrease overhead, identify inventory trends, focus on high profit sales, utilize marketing and customer trends, implement loss prevention strategies, and prepare sales tax and payroll records.

Learn how to work with your CPA to implement effective tax strategies, and with your banker to qualify for inventory lines of credit, and expansion bank loans.

Vicki Perryman, has the reputation of explaining Advanced Financial Management Concepts with very simple, real world examples. In this educational 1-day seminar learn practical, yet easy to implement, financial management skills, utilizing the user friendly, and flexible, QuickBooks Accounting Program.

This 1-Day Seminar is packed with 8-Hours of Financial Management Strategies to expand the Profits of your Retail Sales for just $69.

8:15am: Check-In and Seating, Seminar:8:30am-5pm, Lunch on your own: 12:15-1pm

See Course Content for Seminar Agenda and Daily Schedule

REGISTER NOW... to learn strategies to increase the Profits of your Retail Business.

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