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Quickbooks for Churches

QuickBooks for Churches

A Church's stewardship, financial aspirations, and operations, are unique in the non-profit and business world. Developing budgets and financial reports that are understandable to the pastoral and management staff, to the volunteer boards, and the general membership, is a challenge.

A unique seminar specifically for church leaders, utilizing the user friendly and flexible QuickBooks Accounting Program, is designed to bring together pastoral staff, volunteer board and committee members, and bookkeeping staff, to learn the steps to identify, develop, and implement meaningful financial reports.

You will learn to customize your income and expense accounts to reflect the stewardship of your church's unique programs and priorities. You will learn the skills to utilize "fund" accounting, whether it is benevolence, memorials, education, or the building fund, that are important to your congregation, learn to create budgets, and customize the financial reports to meet your congegration's needs.

"Contact Us" to discuss hosting a seminar for local church leadership in your area.

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